Deep Fried Gadgets by Henry Hargreaves

Deep friend iDevices, music players, computers, and other gadgets by New York artist/photographer Henry Hargreaves.

Marimekko Sanna Annukka Kanteleen Kutsu (NOTCOT)

Marimekko textile design by sanna annukka, liro ahokas and maija louekari. Could be good for the upstairs bathroom with black and white tile.

Now I lay me down to sleep----------------

I bought Bella a stuffed animal just like this but it is pink. She sleeps on it every night.its so cute

Lenticular Composition by Christopher Derek Bruno | Yellowtrace.

Geometric & Anamorphic Compositions by Christopher Derek Bruno.

The work of Atlanta-based Christopher Derek Bruno explores concepts related to visual perception using anamorphic compositions and pure geometry.