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During a recent school performance, during intermission, these two sisters went to go get a drink of water. The older one promptly got on the ground so the other could use her as a step stool. So adorable!

Meninas quando juntam, pode esperar boas risadas!

This is what I want for my girls, sadly I never had a sister for a best friend but I will help grow the love for my girls to be best friends forever ♡

happiness alinevalek - check out more here - http://www.just4guys.info?feminismo

super heroes are for girls too. i hope my daughter is this awesome and cute

Uma vez elas foram crianças andavam de mãos dadas para uma delas não cair até hoje fazem a mesma coisa para segurança. Tudo se repete como fosse a primeira vez!..

Friends forever Two little old ladies walking down the street holding hands.


i actually remember these awesome Fisher price grow- with- you roller skates :)

Christmas is the most beautiful holiday of the year and even though we have managed to commercialize it to a point of no return it stills holds a profound meaning to me and to millions of people ar…

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Snowman kiss - melts my heart. Becky and Beth Anne did this at Memas!