this is so toatally my BFF katie Lee. except... maybe the hair is a little different. but the overall look is SO her.

I'm in the zombie apocalypse and my best friend is Julain. All my family has died so I don't care about anyone but Julain. I rush into things and use guns,a machete,and knifes when fighting. I'm 15 years old.


I am Kate and I am 13 and am in grade at the middle school.I am a musician in the school band.I play flute.

I just got this random idea for a story I'm writing, where a non-human goes to the human world accidently and has to deal with the b.s. of human life :P

(Open Rp) I look up at you with my dirty blanket around me. You approach slowly." you question hesitantly.

Republic of Korea Love girls and twinkle ( )

arms_behind_back artist_name back bare_arms brown_hair cowboy_shot dress flower from_side gomzi hands_together long_hair looking_at_viewer original outdoors rose smile solo sundress tareme white_dress yellow_eyes

Aihara Mei-Citrus

I know this is Aihara mei from Citrus but she really looks like Victoria Wincaster from the Greycastle Chronicles.