He would love this print on a tee! He loves hockey and the Detroit Red Wings above all else. (Not me, naturally. This is from Pucks & Pixels Hockey Design

Yes! Well, as long as you know you wont get charged for it...

When someone gets between you and your goals, the best thing to do is pull their shirt over their head and punch them in the face a few times. If life were played like a hockey game.

"hahaha hockey humor, but even better for those that dont understand hockey humor --yeahh no one like a hooker, but at least they are a service rendered and paid for---your lower that hoe."---- from a previous post.....  OMG Loo freaking hilarious ROFL!

No one likes a hooker- I want this shirt! Where can I find one? i feel like this could be a fantastic bday gift for the hubby!

Ice hockey

CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS hockey club original graphic art on gallery wrapped canvas by stephen fowler

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Daily Man Up (26 Photos)

The parental guidelines sign at the Hoffman Estates rink. Although most of us like the Bruins here, this is a great sign for parents and other fans!

Life should be more like hockey... when someone pisses you off, you just beat the shit out of them, then sit in the penalty box for five minutes.

sorry for the S bomb, but the saying is so true sometimes. (I'll now go sit in the penalty box for the reposting of the S bomb.

And you feel shame...

The only professional sport where you have to sit in time out for 2 minutes for not playing nice with others. Go for a spin in the sin bin!