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Cosmo has the best advice, y'all

I know that not knowing how to drop a handkerchief has seriously impaired my courting history. It is, however, indicative of the low standards of Cosmo that they would misspell handkerchief.

Yup, bitches love wine.

Brandy and Wine. Want Good Ideas About Wine Then Check This Out! Wine has been a luxurious escape and way to celebrate life since the beginning of time. To get the fullest potential out of wine, learn more about it.

Thank gosh!

Oh, thank god! But the sad thing is, when I get older I will probably still say thank god I don't look like I did at

Aziz Ansaris food dictionary - I don't know who this is or the reference, but gawd I love these substitutes!

Aziz Ansari's food dictionary

Funny pictures about Aziz Ansari's food dictionary. Oh, and cool pics about Aziz Ansari's food dictionary. Also, Aziz Ansari's food dictionary.

I seem like a good idea at first until the real you showed its ugly insides to the world.

That is hilarious! I always giggle when I see people with red shirts and khaki pants that don't work at Target!



I have entirely too many fictional relationships with people I will never actually meet

I will kill you skinny bitch in your short shorts and sports bra


Funny pictures about People at the gym. Oh, and cool pics about People at the gym. Also, People at the gym.