Traditional Bedroom by Timothy Corrigan Inc., ft in Architectural Digest The master bedroom of the Château du Grand-Lucé—Timothy Corrigan’s home in France’s Loire Valley—faces out onto the.

Tall window treatments for the family room.

Perfect I was just looking for drapery inspiration for my four huge windows in the family room. Similar color scheme including floors.

Gorgeous...Hotel Ritz Paris Review - A Tradition of Excellence | Splash Magazines | Los Angeles

Lobby at the Hotel Ritz Paris, beautiful, love how the mirror reflects the beauty from within~❥

r An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucé

Six More Unbelievable Shots of Timothy Corrigan's Château

Exquisite Master Bedroom by Timothy Corrigan Loire Valley France Chateau du Grand Luce Renovation


grand Paris apartment with gilded gilt gold columns and mouldings, marble fireplace and crystal chandelier