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Awhhhhh babyyyy

Baby Margay - spotted cat native to central & south america.

Funny pictures about Rawr! Oh, and cool pics about Rawr! Also, Rawr!


Ocelot cub (by ucumari)

Attack of the cute - best picture of an Ocelot I have seen...

The Margay (Leopardus wiedii) is a small spotted cat (up to 9 lbs) that roams the rainforests from Mexico to Argentina. A skillful climber, it is one of only two cat species with the ankle flexibility necessary to climb head-first down trees.

So cute, i want an ocelot of my own.

18 Of The Cutest Ocelots In The World

Cutest thing I ever did see. I do not need a kitten. I need an ocelot baby.

The ocelot ( Leopardus pardalis), also known as the dwarf leopard, is a wild cat distributed extensively over South America including the islands of Trinidad and Margarita, Central America, and Mexico.

If I ever get a cat, it will be a ocelot.

a baby ocelot playing with a little mouse :) Singleton can have the mouse. I want the ocelot!

eye-of-the-cat:      Asian Leopard Cat by Rasyid Adisantoso

eye-of-the-cat: Asian Leopard Cat by Rasyid Adisantoso I think this is the cat that breeders use to make Bangel cats.

Nico the ocelot at 2 mos - Buffalo Zoo

Ocelot Kitten Starts the New Week with a New Name

Fish and Wildlife Service says hundreds of plant and animal species could be harmed by the border wall.

I don't know what that was but it was delicious.  Can you feed me again? fur babies/GcFIEND

This Ocelot Kitten Met His Best Friend, Blakely the Dog, at the Zoo—Watch Their Adorable Playdate! Can I please just have this wittle cutie now?

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Green eyed beauty - green eyes are stunning!

"Asian Leopard Cats are small, shy,nocturnal wild cats. The males tend to be larger than the females. The first ones were discovered near the Bay of Bengal in India. It is indigenous to the jungles & forests of India, China and other parts of Asia. There are 10 different sub-species. They have been crossed with domestic cats to produce what are considered Bengal domestic cats."

This is actually called an Asian Leopard Cat - that when bred with a domestic cat = a bengal cat :)

American tiger cat

The Bengal cat is a hybrid formed by crossing a domestic feline & an Asian Leopard Cat!

Snow Bengal

Bengal Kitten: Those blue eyes! I want this bundle of cuteness!


Isn't it adorable? Sadly, the margay (Leopardus wiedii), a small cat native to Central and South America, is currently listed as "Near Threatened"