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Ugh not anymore

I'm jealous of a kid who hasn't even been born yet.<<<y'all are forgetting that the child will have no choice but to have an AMAZING voice as well

#DianaWhereWeAre I know it's a lot of words, but it's worth reading. Pleas get this trending! Nothin would make me feel more accepted than this. I love you all, xx!

Can we please stop this the boys have already confirmed that 'Diana' isn't about depression, self harm etc. it was an assumption the fans made if you do this they are gonna be really confused and it will just be awkward.

Seriously! Do I have any followers that live in England that would let me move in with them? If so comment below!

Especially the fact that that blonde slutty flirtatious stupid. okay I'm getting carried away, girl named Taylor. Swift is living some miles next to me.

One Direction 2014 Where We Are set list.

Tour songs where we are tour One direction (thing could be changing )

This is a petition! If you want Pinterest to make One Direction it's own category, like this! This is some serious stuff in the fandom! Repin to spread the word!!!!!!<<< hhaha wouldn't that be awesome XD

nobody knows how many times i have wished this. i have literally gone to the category list and expected there to be a one direction category, and there never is.