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Right in the heart...started to tear up

14 Reasons The Peter Pans At Disneyland Are The Most Adorable Thing Ever

Restore your faith in humanity for a moment with this Peter Pan from Disneyland story.

This 7 year old boy was born without any tibia or knee bones and had a rare condition know as Sacral Agenesis, so the bottom half of his legs had to be amputated when he was a toddler,..2 months later he got his first pair of prosthetic legs,..

Prosthetic Legs Through The Years. This little guy had his legs amputated at birth and has been using prosthetic ones since. Look at that smile!

The most romantic proposal. // When it's worth winning a woman's heart (because you care about *her* and not just to have her as a trophy to show off *your* greatness)...

Funny pictures about The Pride And Prejudice Engagement. Oh, and cool pics about The Pride And Prejudice Engagement. Also, The Pride And Prejudice Engagement photos.

This made me smile :)

a 5 YEAR Old asked her Big Brother, "what is love? He Replied "Love is when you steal my chocolate from my school pack everyday and I still keep it in the same place" .AWWWW, reminds me of my big brother


My little sister came home from school one day and demanded I take her to the library so she could get books on sign language. - Amazing friends - May 2010 - Gives Me Hope

That girl must've been very pretty for the little girl to speak. Or that little girl knew that the senior needed to hear someone say that out loud

Page 7 - Top Stories - Gives Me Hope its not bad to look your best or even nice cause u dont know the outcome

A woman ahead of her times…oh man Marilyn

A woman ahead of her times…

That's my girl Marilyn! She is such an inspiration I love her! She was mot only beautiful but smart and strong willed. Marilyn proved that women can do what they want!

GMH http://ibeebz.com

My crushes name is brett. Hes a class clown and a profesional jerk. My brett obviously doesnt care. But this one, its just the sweetest thing.<<<If you like him then why are you calling him a jerk?

Read this quite sometime back, still make me shed a tear.

I just started crying! Plz save any animals that u can! Life is precious!<<<Aww that's so sweet

This is how you do a wedding proposal! - Don't Hate The Geek

THIS IS THE CUTEST THING IN HISTORY this story proves that fangirls can(and will) find love (not only with a fictional character I might add)<<aww<<That gave me so much hope.

Aww, to cute

this is the most precious story i've ever read. sign is such a beautiful language.

This is sooo romantic

A police marriage photo shoot This Chinese SWAT officer was unable to get time off his 24 hour shift to take wedding photos with his wife. So the photographer went to the station instead and these were the photos taken!

1,000,000 Quotes App for Instagram /// sad lovestory relationship love miss  Quote - PinQuotes.com

Regardless if this story is true or not my heart sank when I read this. Omgosh such a sad short story.