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Tapi santai saja, semua akan berjalan baik meskipun ini hari Senin. Semangat!

THERE ARE SO MANY MONDAYS! and the more mondays I turn positive the better I feel! I just take the little things in life I love doing and embed them into my mondays instead of groaning around of how its monday again and life sucks!

Significant (dan draper)

I heart Mad Men. Make it Simple, but significant. Quoted: Don Draper (Mad Men) ---this is my approach to design

Celebrate / Grow

❥ "When life is sweet, say 'Thank You' and celebrate. When life is bitter, say 'Thank You' and grow." ★ (Good or bad, be thankful for every single day.

according to amber: Wise Words

She turned her can'ts into cans, and her dreams into plans. dreams into plans.