get the tattoos and piercings I want

Ears pierced n 10 gagued , second holes, top right, navel and first tat in 2014

Have to go here!!

Visit the Hidden Beach at Marieta Islands, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Completed x 3-Raising My Daughter to her Full Potential, Caring for Premature Babies & Owning Successful Interior Design Business-Blessed


Bucket List: Before I die I want to find my passion in life.


more like "push myself up to the front row"\. pretty much the same thing. although, the middle of the crowd is, in my opinion, more fun

A Key to a great life is to create it... start your bucket list now!

When my honey and where dating~loved making bonfires at the beach!

I'll probably die the day a dude actually tells me he loves my personality and not just my body.

idk he universe seems to hate me today, so prob not. i broke a mirror today and cut myself w/ the glass shards.

Oh yeah!

Bucket List challange excepted ;) I'll do chocolate, Rocky road, And cookies and cream ;


Before I die. Become a mother.well not really physically. like adopt children.

supreme bucket list

does little Italy count?

I've never been to falls. Maybe sooner

Bucket List Idea - Shower Under A Waterfall