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the bit about indentations in craft foam is especially useful.

[Infographic] Adding Details & Finishing Touches to Cosplay Costumes -Armor and props tips & tricks for shaping and adding designs - The Nifty Nerd:

helmet step-by-step...kinda by ~Valimaa on deviantART

its kinda like a step-by-step of how I made the helmet. -Im not sure if its explanatory enough to actually get an idea of how I did it since I le. helmet step-by-step.

SALE Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum tiara crown by SpaceInvader, $30.00

Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum tiara crown circlet cosplay costume

9d7edc1d00be52361ab1c6111c8b77ca.jpg 190×620 ピクセル

Naruto Challenge Day Character I want to cosplay- Hinata Hyuga! She's so epic and adorable at the same time. She's one of my favorite females on the show and i think it would be alot of fun to cosplay her

Drafting a pattern from a sloper - very useful

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Killer Costume Idea: Ursula the Sea Witch

Killer Costume Idea: Ursula the Sea Witch

Forget Disney princesses, playing the villain is so much more fun. And if Colton Haynes can pull off Ursula, so can you! The most badass sea witch around can

Robin Hood.  I took theatrical makeup in college.  I could totally do this.

Disney Robin Hood The Best of Halloween and Cosplay Costumes Random Costume Favorites Halloween 2013