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Jolly Rancher vs. Blow Pop Though hard candies are less likely to damage your waistline since they take longer to consume, they are not friends to your teeth. “To minimize dental damage, choose a Jolly Rancher,” says Baum. “A Blow Pop has a sweet, chewy, bubble-gum center, which glues sugar to your teeth as you chew on it.” Three Jolly Ranchers contain almost the same number of calories as a single Blow Pop, meaning you can spread out your sucking, and enjoy them at a few different points…

The Healthiest Halloween Candies for Every Craving

Gummy Strawberries

Gummy Strawberries

Sour Candy

Just girly things OMG These r my favorite! Unless you eat a whole bag.

This lasagna is basically like someone took a delicious, creamy spinach artichoke dip and layered it with cheese and pasta. Then baked it til it was warm and bubbly. It's SO good!! Perfect for company!

Spinach Artichoke Lasagna

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