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“I used a basketball pump needle to clean weed resin out of a pipe the day before a neighbor kid asked to borrow my ball pump. As he pumped his ball he said, ‘Hey! This smells like my uncle Joe’s house!


Ace Ventura: Pet Detective : Casey we need to watch this my dad got it for my brothers and me.its hilarious.

and scooby was just a dog.

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Velma was my favourite character. To me she was brave because she didn't need to have someone with her and could risk facing the "monster" on her own.

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Scooby doo funny logic moments NO NO NO It's more like "plan to steal someone's property by fear, go to jail". actually they scare to steal and or for revenge

One of my favorite childhood movies, It Takes Two.

It takes two. My fav movie as a kid. Would watch it every day until my sister got tired of hearing me quote it word for word & I never could find it again.