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Potted plants in the window - I’ve rounded up some of my favorite interiors with gorgeous natural light.

Amazing Interiors with Beautiful Natural Light

Deco verde Plants at the home of Nicole Valentine Don Photo: Luisa Brimble

They gutted the whole thing and rebuilt it themselves, opening it up and truly brightening it. They added vibrant wallpaper by Justina Blakeney, installed a modern kitchen, and added a ton of plants in every nook.

A Recently Renovated, Jungle-Inspired Wine Country Home

The couple admit they are obsessed with buying plants. They have a variety of sources, such as Cactus Jungle in Berkeley and Home Depot, but they say Craigslist is a recent discovery for buying plants on the cheap.

Note corner shelf for potted and hanging plants.

ต้นไทรใบสัก (fiddle leaf fig tree) Spring is officially here {a bit of a downer that it snowed this morning}, and I am ready to fill our space with some greens… So here is some green to inspire… Enjoy! via via via via vi…

Pikaplant - Workshop of Wonders

Pikaplant - Workshop of Wonders


Indoor hydroponic gardening and rooting plants in water is the latest trend in green decor: ever tried it at home?

Split leaf philodendrum Propagation: Division. Cut through the thick roots with a serrated knife and pot up the plants separately.

In: Split-Leaf Philodendron

Modern Findings - large Swiss cheese plant on stand. Swiss Cheese plants are my favorite house plant right now.