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The beauty and the beast . >I think in Peeta is the beauty, so kind and handsome!

8 Facts about The Hunger Games and its cast, for those of you who were unaware of them. Get any book for 99 cents. DAILY DEALS !

8 Facts about The Hunger Games and it's cast! For the fact I'm so glad they chose Jennifer Lawrence! If not her then i would chose Shailene Woodley

Reasons to love Jennifer Lawrence / iFunny :) I love her to death

Hunger Games

Hunger Games Map Of Panem. Okay, but is that the OFFICIAL map of Panem? Then again I'll be dead so I won't be reaped.

I think I might need a Jennifer Lawrence board! I LOVE HER

The coolest nickname ever // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - i love jennifer lawrence! shes awesome!

when i watch this i was like very clever. but also like i still don't like youu.

Did You Picture Yourself As Katniss?

Jennifer Lawrence is so adorable

Jennifer Lawrence is so adorable

Funny pictures about Just Jennifer Lawrence. Oh, and cool pics about Just Jennifer Lawrence. Also, Just Jennifer Lawrence.


I love Hunger Games and i do share it more often . Here are some most Inspiring , Motivating, and some really touching Hunger Games Quotes, Be su…

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"His brother is Thor" I love jennifer lawrence she is hilarious

I've been a bit biased lately- so don't get me wrong, Gale has a place in my heart too. The little bit that Peeta hasn't taken anyways.

Prim is important to him too. His relationship with Prim isn't dependent on whether he's mad at Katniss or not. He's not gonna let Prim starve and die just because Katniss does something he doesn't like or agree with.I love Gale!

45 Of The Funniest Jennifer Lawrence Moments Ever

Reporter: "How are you?" Jennifer Lawrence: "I'm good! I just found two Mentos in my pocket!" Gosh, I love her!

#BookishQouteOfTheDay #Books #Reading>> because even the most devout Hinger Games fans don't want to actually be in the Hunger Games

I'm a Harry Potter fan and I ALWAYS wanted to go to Hogwarts. I'm a Percy Jackson fan and I always wanted to go to the Camp Half-Blood. I'm a Hunger Games fan and I . I'm fine.

"What bird are you Finnick, cause I'm a mockingjay!"  "Well I think I'm a sea gull, cause I'm from district 4 and I like french fries!"

"What bird are you Finnick, cause I'm a mockingjay!" "Well I think I'm a sea gull, cause I'm from district 4 and I like french fries!"<<<<<I died when I read that 😂😂😂