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ISAAC GRÜNEWALD View from the Balcony, Mediterranean

Utsikt från terrassen, Medelhavet was sold by Bukowskis, Stockholm, on Wednesday, April

Isaac Grünewald - Interior

huariqueje: “ Interior - Grunewald, Isaac Swedish oil on canvas , x 25 in.

ISAAC GRUNEWALD  - "The Author Ulla Bjerne" (1916)

Adolph Menzel Online, Pommac - placards, Oil Paintings Only For Art Lovers! This is a non-profits site and shows all the paintings of Adolph Menzel's art works.

FOR PILAR~: Ditchley Park: Watercolors by Serebriakoff

It is an art print.but it is a beautiful Interior - Ditchley Park - Watercolor by Serebriakoff

"Slottsgrinden, Julebaek, Hellebaek".  Signerad Isaac. Utförd 1917. Duk 65 x 46,5 cm.

huariqueje: “ Castle Gate, Hellebaek - Isaac Grünewald Swedish oil on canvas 65 x cm.

Claude Monet - The Undergrowth In The Forest Of Saint-Germain, 1882

The Undergrowth in the Forest of Saint-Germain, Claude Monet, 1882 Monet paintings really loose their luster and glow when in a picture.

Paysage a la Chevre | Henri Martin | oil painting

Paysage a la Chevre Painting | Henri Martin | Oil Painting Reproduction

Paysage a la Chevre | Henri Martin | oil painting

Monet, Monet, Monet,...Monet!  i have been privileged to see many Monet's, including the Watercolors (Lilies).  Such a devotee!

The Walk, Woman with a Parasol, Claude Monet This canvas is also known as Madame Monet and her Son. Painting Description : This woman with an umbrella painted against the light and from below is Camille, Monet's wife, and their son Jean.

Colley Whisson | Illume Gallery of Fine Art

Illume Gallery of Fine Art Colley Whisson Australian Artist International Artist Salt Lake City Utah City Creek Center City Scenes