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Once you have walked through the hobbit hole, you'd be in the foyer (mud room) and to get to the rest of the house you'd have to go through the door that looks like a TARDIS.Basically how it's gonna work

DIY TARDIS from http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Build-the-TARDIS/ I want one and I will have one! I must!

How to Build the TARDIS

Someone, please build this for me! Build a TARDIS Replica - although you should paint it blue for it to be an accurate replica. This could be a handy little garden shed.

Amazing door

Pink and Gold Doors, Goethe Institute, Prague, The Czech Republic

Great way to make an entrance

Colorful Mexican hacienda: Once you've lived in the Southwest, you crave colors like this! Like many Mexicans: I love bright colors. I would be the bright teal home with pink n yellow shutters with a cactus plant

Must have this is a piece of Art

TARDIS LANTERN Pieces of My Art on Etsy is offering this lovely mosaic TARDIS lamp. Candle not included. Candle larger than the inside of the lantern not included.

The Tardis home theatre entrance ~ check out the interior photos further down: amazing!!!

6 Awesome Mancaves With Hidden Entrances

OMG - A Tardis entrance to a home theater / media room. Totally going to do this to my future house. Except it would be full-size on the outside, not just some of it sticking out from the wall. This is AWESOME!

If I marry someone who likes Doctor Who as much as I do then we will HAVE this cake!

doctor who food Fanart TARDIS wedding cake dinosaurs on a spaceship.ok now girls this is for you.weird showing up at any of the weddings!