I love this travel corner setup for a hallway alcove or near a windowseat or in my office. Globe, old travel books, an antique suitcase, and fresh flowers!

Globes and suitcases.

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I love globes and maps! Also, look at the doily-lined envelope! Cheap alternative to pricey envelope liners!




Well then... 2 holidays left for this year to celebrate my mile stone birthday year.... where to go though  a long weekend first then a total chill out week.... Stockholm, Prague, back to Capri? Maybe Paris return.. then chill... Bali, Sri Lanka, veitnam or back to the states... hmmm decisions decisions #wheretogonext #funplans #wanderlust

Wanderlust - Small, Gray Globe, Calligraphy, Travel Quotes, Wooden Base, Cream

Творческая география: 25 идей перевоплощения старого глобуса - Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа, handmade:

20 modi geniali per riciclare il mondo! Ops!!!... Il mappamondo

And I Think To Myself, What A Wonderful World - Large, White and Gold Globe, Calligraphy, Song Lyrics, Travel by SimplyGypsyDesigns on Etsy

And So, The Adventure Begins - Large, Ivory and Gold Globe, Calligraphy, Wedding Globes, Travel

And I Think To Myself, What A Wonderful World - Large, White and Gold Globe…love this, this was our wedding song

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The Useful and Affordable Pocket Survival Kit

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