One of our favorite things are signs on walls: reminders that call us back to something really useful, true, mind shifting. We love that a church is posting quotes from unexpected sources, like this one from Bill Nye that resonates in unexpected ways.

I hate being lonely. I don't mind being alone for a while. Just me, my hammock, and my music in the woods with a small fire to create the perfect scent. But when I become lonely, that's when stuff gets real.

There is a difference between being alone, and being lonely. I like being alone, but being lonely is hard.

Please, Stop Telling us What Medications We Should or Should Not Take | Recovering from Mental Illness

This is so true! We cannot have fear and faith at the same time. God said He did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. So that tells us that the spirit of fear comes from Satan.


Only when stung by despair do we value the innumerable felicities offered to us by the Providence!

if you love me let me know.                                           From the movie we baught a zo

I love when people show me that they love me, not merely with words, but in action and in truth 1 John We bought a zoo! Favorite movie ever!

I think this is probably true. Maybe a few exceptions.... like Hitler? But as a general principle, I'm on board.

Despite it being human nature to judge, read this. Once you fully understand this, you will feel no hate in your heart.