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Synchronised swimming takes on a pre-Raphaelite tone in this image from Spanish Olympian Ona Carbonell

Synchronized style. #retro #swim

these beautiful vintage swimming pool shoots photographed by Koto Bolofo for Vogue Italy Thanks 2 Jed Root

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This article talks about basic synchronised swimming skills like sculling and treading water. It illustrates some common synchronised swimming positions and the components of a lift.

At the poolside. Beautiful vintage swim wear

memorial day fourth of july red white blue party holiday entertaining food drinks decor ideas inspiration. i love the red and white polka dot swim suit, and blue and white one behind it


Jill Greenberg, Glass Ceilings in a Floating World.



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This guide will help you and your team learn how to set up and perform a platform lift for your synchronized swimming routine.

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Synchro isn't just a sport you lile or do, you fall in love with it and loathe it at the same time. Summers of Synchronization!