Garage of Evil statue cemetery Halloween

Garage of Evil statue cemetery Halloween. I love how they made the styrofoam look like it had an antiqued patina.


The Weeper: How many kids would dare approach a porch with this guy sitting there? Could be either an awesome prop or an amazing costume depending on how sadistic you're feeling toward the trick-or-treaters.

Halloween Twister Game CarnEvil style

Halloween Twister Game, the right way! Jeremiah would love this setup in the future! He can't wait to do this week have to start saving up props now!

Pillars...If I only had a place to store this sort of big stuff.

I wanted to add 2 more pillars this year they will be placed at the end of my driveway with a closing gate. There is a strobe light at the bottomswith red LED lights at the top. Also adding ground breakers to the top that will blow fog out.

Beef netting spider Web tunnel.                                                                                                                                                     More

How did I not know about beef netting? It makes amazing webs, is cheap, and a little goes a long way. Buy it through Trenton Mills.

Hung bodies walk thru...this was the first thing to EVER creep me out at a haunted house

Hung bodies walk thru.this was the first thing to EVER creep me out at a haunted house Troll Haven wedding venue, family farm and vacation rentals located in Sequim WA

Resultado de imagen de halloween decorations for school 2016

Very scary Halloween decoration inspired by "The Ring" -White foam head -Witch Wig -Child's white dress -Arms from Party City -Old Television -Traffic cone -Wooden stick Más

Haunted House Room Ideas - Bing Images

I need some help/ and or ideas of how to make walls for my maze in my haunted house. In years past I have used appliance boxes and then black tarped t