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18 Everyday Products You've Been Using Wrong

18 Everyday Products You've Been Using Wrong

13 Majors In The Emperors New College :)

Probably a repost, but still makes me laugh :)

Things that will make you feel old...

Feeling pretty old right now…

40 things to make you feel old. yep, that did it. that's my childhood right there.

Innercity life innercity pressure the lack of space to grill is starting to get yer. Living in the City certainly has many perks but it does mean that not

The Balcony Barbecue that lets city-dwellers grill their dinner in even the smallest of outdoor spaces

I know this is true. Don't lie. My siblings admit this sometimes. I know this. I know the truth.

Tumblr Shenanigans part 6

People's opinions of me. Best friends: you're a terrible person. It's hilarious.