Todays cupcakes, courtesy of user kimnguyen_, look like a beautiful spring garden, with edible flowers of all sorts. Colorful and flavorful, these are perfect for the warm weather.

Elegant Cup Cakes. These are gorgeous!

It takes clicks to see the cupcakes full size - These are some of the most beautiful cupcakes I have ever seen in my life!


{Cupcake Basics} How to Frost Cupcakes - Glorious Treats.has links for good cupcake and frosting recipes as well.

Lemon Cupcake with Blackberry Buttercream - Perfect for Spring when-i-have-a-kitchen

Lemon Berry Cupcakes - lemon Pound Cake Cupcake w/Blackberry & Raspberry Buttercream.

ROSE cupcakes. Pretty. And I love the idea of the pistachios on the top...wonder if I could come up with a pistachio buttercream?

Impulse - {Rose Cupcakes

Rose Cupcakes with White Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream and Pistachio bits (recipe). Maybe I'll bake these someday. when I actually use the kitchen again for its intended purpose.