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Divine. You can totally see how Ursula from The Little Mermaid was based on her.

Divine (Actor, Singer, DragQueen) and her Bulldogs Beatrix and Klaus

EXCLUSIVE: John Waters on What Else Divine Ate Before 'Pink Flamingos' | Out Magazine Rest In Peace Divine

With the theatrical release of the 'I Am Divine' documentary, we remember the entertainment icon

Margaret Layton's Jacket, 1610 Long, tight sleeves, narrow shoulder wings, semi-circular cuffs and a small curved collar at the back neck. Made of linen and lined with coral silk taffeta. Originally fastened with pink silk ribbons. In the 1620s, an edging of spangled silver-gilt bobbin lace was added. Embroidered in detached buttonhole, stem, plaited braid, chain, couching and dot stitches, with knots and speckling, with coloured silk threads, silver-gilt threads and spangles.


Jacket, England, Linen embroidered with silk and silver thread. Worn by Margaret Layton, wife of the king’s Yeoman of the Jewel House, in a painting by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger.