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Cory, Shawn, and Topanga. Boy Meets World. So funny

boy meets world;I like how in the show"Girl meets world" The father is the boy who played the boy in boy meets world

boy meets world! music-tv-movies-books

Boy Meets World. Girl Meets World has been announced, the spin off of BMW where Cory and Topanga's return to play parents of a teenage girl.

Cory and Shawn this is why I hang on to my old friends so tight. It's to hard to break new ones in!!

"It takes too much to break in a new best friend." Missing Boy Meets World, but the new Girl Meets World is in production!

SHE'S THE MAN! | I ADORE Amanda Bynes and who the heck doesn't love Channing Tatum? The fact that this move combines the two is an epic win as far as I'm concerned. <3 this movie so hard!

5 Lessons Learned from “She’s The Man”

"Dude why do have tampons?" "I get really bad nose bleeds. Stick it in. It absorbs right up." "Oh my god your room mate is a freak"


Eric: "How do you ask a girl out? You open the door and say, 'Get out, you are bothering me.'" (Boy Meets World) Will Friedle as Eric Matthews, Ben Savage as Cory Matthews

Boy meets world quotes

Corey and Shawn: serious bromance, Boy Meets World: gotta love it and can't wait for Girl Meets World.

When you're on your period...

I feel like I wanna mutder someone and now also I want soft pretzels. - Jess, New Girl. PMS has never been described so perfectly.

Loving you with my eyes.


12 Reasons Eric & Mr. Feeny Had the Most Underrated Bromance on 'Boy Meets World'

12 Reasons Eric & Mr. Feeny Had the Most Underrated Bromance on 'Boy Meets World'

Boy Meets World Mr. George Feenie & Eric Matthews & TV Shows I still watch this show on ABC Family

I can literally hear Cory Matthews saying this. Can't wait for Girl meets World