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A handy guide to creating the perfect cheese plate~ listing six specific cheeses for the perfect basic cheese plate:)!

Cheese plate ideas

Cheese Platter Essentials

Any display that includes bread and cheese is delicious, but when a cheese plate is done well, oh my is it good! Here are my essentials for the perfect cheese plate. Cheese: Depending on the siz.

Pear and Blue Cheese on Sourdough Toast (Makes 6-8 toasts)_And why not start with these pear and blue cheese sourdough toasts as the fare of the day. Easy yet tasty. Yes, because as long as I like to indulge in rich and comforting dishes in winter, when it comes to lunch, I mostly prefer to go for a light option, a quick fix. Leftover or something ready in minutes. And these small bites fall in this category.

Sourdough toast with pear & blue cheese. Just as delicious as peaches, rare steak and blue cheese.

I make mine with brown sugar, but I will try this one also... Made it today for Xmas and yummy!

Baked Brie in Puff Pastry With Apricot or Raspberry Preserves

Baked Brie Crescent Roll Wrap, plus tons of other crescent roll recipes. Made with goat cheese brie and reduced fat crescent rolls, only needed 6 of the 8 in package, and ate with pecans and grapes, soooo good. Gonna be making this once a month minimum.

This is so yummy topped with Jalapeno Jelly!

Puff Pastry-Wrapped Brie

Puff Pastry-Wrapped Brie - Three simple steps are all you'll need to make this simply delicious and elegant appetizer, featuring golden puff pastry oozing with melted Brie cheese. TOP WITH RASPBERRY PRESERVES!

Queen Of Coney Island

Reyes Blue cheese, Truffle Tremor and Mt. Tam, served with Port Infused Dried Figs, Honey Poached Pears, Orange Rosemary Marmalade

How to make a quick cheese board-- I may never have a reason to do this but the photography is so attractive

Quick and Easy Cheese Board

my obsession with meat & cheese platters (with a flight of red wines) is dangerous.this plate sounds amazing.