looks like Tron (details)

Digital Beijing Building - Constructed to house the data center for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China.

Eight-design - work02

Le style "indus" "boho" et japonais de Eight design

Home Design, Concrete Interior Elements Pendant Lamp Stainless Sink Electric Ranges Wooden Floor Table Wall Pattern Sofa Stereo Set Tv Air Conditioner And Big Window ~ Inspiring Modern Japanese House for Comfortable Modern Living Place


Simple yet elegant use of interior lighting within ceiling plains as a visual continuation of vertical intersections. Too often we see ceilings filled with pot lights without any true understanding of illuminating an interior.

El palacio imperial Katsura en Kyoto

Ancient Japanese - Katsura Imperial Villa, Kyoto (c A clear example of traditional techniques of room devision with the use of sliding blinds and paper walls.

Secret storage room

Secret storage room

House for Gudrun, Mellau, 2010 - Architekten Innauer Matt

Built by Sven Matt in Mellau, Austria with date Images by Björn Matt. This is what mattered most to Gudrun, and by building her own little house on the .


Caro Hotel in Valencia Spain by FRANCESC RIFE - nice integrated desk space in the bedroom


Love the large glass panel for light to travel through Fresh take on sliding barn doors in a modern Washington state farmhouse with interior design by design + build.