The Knight of Swords by Noelle Stevenson

The Knight Of Swords by Noelle Stevenson

Noelle Stevenson - A piece for Advanced Character Design based on the tarot card The Knight of Swords. How did you know! I& all ABOUT knights/swords!


I like the texture and color scheme. The fur on the reindeer-like-animal is nice and scratchy looking and the subject of the drawing is vibrant while the rest is quite pale.


ntamarit: “Little illustration for a project that connects illustrators with girl bands called Hits With Tits, have a look at their site! Here’s also the layers I used to paint the illustration.


cocadope: “ “Didn’t know you were back” they said in that low biting tone that always got to Vin “Not that it matters or anything, right?

дитя света игра - Пошук Google

Child of Light by Nuria Tamarit, via Behance That hand and sword though.

ARTIST SHOWCASE: Jérôme Queval This week Catalist showcases the uber talented Jérôme Queval, whose art reminds of our own childhood which found us nose deep in books such as Rats of NIMH, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Roald Dahl novels :) Queval’s style is utterly charming and nostalgic, and we are definitely smitten by his work! Be sure to enjoy more of Jérôme’s art at!

Reminds me of the powerpuff girls' illustration style. The Art Of Animation, Jérôme Queval: