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https://flic.kr/p/dMgASR | Turtle Island - shipwreck tavern

~ Lego MOCs Fantasy ~ Turtle Island - shipwreck tavern by qi-tah Whoa.

Lego Tree - Liam's next project

Do you want to make some LEGO Christmas decorations for your Christmas tree this year? I have mentioned Powerpig at Gizmodo before.

Kids Activities Blog has a great Lego Matchbox Bed printable. When you download this printable you will cut out the sheets, glue them to the matchbox cover

Free Lego Matchbox Beds with a Free Printable

Kids Craft Ideas- Raise your hand if you love awesome and super smart crafts for kids? From crayon lip gloss to Lego matchbox beds, these crafts for kids are the best!

Small But Perfectly Funny

Mike Stimpson is a UK photographer who happens to be a big LEGO fan and a huge Star Wars geek. He takes whimsical photographs using LEGO minifigures and is best know for re-creating iconic photographs using LEGO.

The word perfect doesn't do it justice. on imgfave

Funny pictures about The perfect moment to take a photograph. Oh, and cool pics about The perfect moment to take a photograph. Also, The perfect moment to take a photograph.

Life sized Lego house made by James May. So epic.

Life sized Lego house

Life sized Lego house made by James May. Apparently cars aren't his only obsession ;) Of course James May would build a Lego house, I mean who else would.

fig-lab-log: Lego Mini fig Dai Kaibou by Jason Freeny @Amanda Mohammed ... check this out!

Before he created his awesome LEGO anatomy sculpture, artist Jason Freeny made this fantastic Micro Schematic chart of the different anatomical systems inside your average little LEGO figure.

That there is a bunch of good ideas.

I want to title this "You Might be a Redneck if You Fix Your Car Like This. " This is what my families cars looks like.


As you can tell from the numerous LEGO-related posts that we have done, we are rather big fans. Now on to more LEGO things.how awesome are these LEGO birds by

The Sleepy Oak by tiberium_blue

What's a good cup of tea without a laugh Cafe The Sleepy Oak Bed & Breakfast in Lego Paris

Coca-Cola.    this one is for Jake and the boys. ! !

Coca Cola appealing to the star wars geeks and kids. Brand association with Hollywood, Scifi and Lego for children all in one image.