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The Big Cloud. Rain over Fields of Gold, Kansas, May Camille Seaman. Seaman will be giving a Masters Talk at this year's

Camille Seaman and 'The Big Cloud' - The New York Times. Kansas 2008.

Chasing Danger, Capturing Beauty

Camille Seaman: Chasing the Storm, Kansas, USA

Sweet Storm 8/7/11 Sweet storm that rolled through Nebraska on August 7th. All images copyright 2011 Ryan McGinnis, all rights reserved.

Sweet Storm 8/7/11

An arcus cloud rolls by north of Kearney, Nebraska, August Photographed by Ryan McGinnis.

Грозовые тучи

Hail shaft with hailbow in Gurley, Nebraska from (Photo by Camille Seaman/Caters News)

Finding beauty in violent storms - Camille Seaman "Rotation in the Clouds" Kansas, May 2008

Oh how the sweet smell of rain would be over the Kansas plains.....rain sweeping across the plains

Oh how the sweet smell of rain would be over the Kansas plains.rain sweeping across the plains


Tracks Through The Field, Kansas, USA, May 2008 By Camille Seaman -- storm clouds -- dark sky over wheat field


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Mirrored double rain share moments

Mirrored double rainbow in Naden Harbour, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia Canada. - wonder what the double rainbow guy would say about this one.

Big Bad Cloud

Big Bad Cloud


I'm Viper and I like the sea and holidays and tiny houses and hedonism.

Tornado in Crawford, KS on April 14, 2012

At least six people died early Sunday after a tornado hit in Woodward, Oklahoma. Most of last night's tornadoes struck in Kansas. Keep on on EarthSky.


Pretty in pink: what spring looks like in infrared – in pictures Three trees near Marfa, USA.

Sea Wolf - Whirlpool

Artist: Sea Wolf Album: Old World Romance Track: Old Friend