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Animated :: Hunter :: Van Helsing

Animated :: Hunter :: Van Helsing

Nōstomo, Lord of the Depths! Look upon him and witness true power! Commission for ~Quantum-Roberts.

Nostomo, Lord of the Depths. Original character commission for Quantum-Roberts

Egyptian God Family Tree Trying to keep up with the lineage of most gods and goddesses in ancient mythologies is quiet a task. However, in today's infographic, Korwin Briggs at Veritable Hokum doe.

Monkey God (http://noxypia.deviantart.com/art/Monkey-God-345095737) by Noxypia (http://noxypia.deviantart.com/)

I experimented using hair brush to create public hair on this guy. It looks okay in my opinion but not the best. Also, I put a skin texture on him. It is quite small, you have to look closely.