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Maaaayyyyybeeeee. . .

My daughter, Franchesca, use to do this with all of her stuffed animals and dolls.

It's how I memorize songs.

When you mentally create a music video for a song, and after watching the real music video, you think to yourself, 'My version was better!

Bahaha. Or Chinese Japanese dirty knees look at these! Terrible rhyme thinking bak now lol

I spent 5 mins laughing at this because I remember yelling that at my brother.


*Sighs* I used to do this running up from the basement. Now I live in Florida. People here don't have this so called "basement".

Seriously! I ALWAYS thought it was a backwards "G"! I thought I was the only one! Relief.

Other kids didn't know that was a D. I didn't know that was a y. I thought it was a p.for a while I even thought it was a shoe. But I didn't know why.

I did this EVERY time I was in the passanger seat, looking out the windsheild....how soothing.

I used to watch the rain drops on the car window "race".:) and I thought I was the only one lol


The balloon game is one of the best games that I play with my nephew and my parents. A fun time for all ages!


Pretty much my life story. Long hair in the summer means messy buns everyday!

I did this sooo many times!!

Omg im a kid and this happens all the time yes i remember this all the time! When your at your friends house!

yes it was...and you tried to fix it right away

It's definitely still the scariest sentence ever.

Why I still love my VHS tapes

funny but true. I've always said that the VHS was better than the DVD. They both have their perks but as far as durability VHS is king!~~~~ VHS IS KING!

Good times.... :)

We played "the floor is lava" all the time when we were kids. It was SO fun jumping across the living room from couch to couch.