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incensewoman: “ (via Bébé jaguar sur sa branche / Pascale picture on VisualizeUs on imgfave) Just hanging around and being lazy.

Cheetah standing on hind legs

Leopard Stretch - Wildlife photography by Hannes Lochner from South Africa

'Hunting lessons from mom' A leopard teaching its cub how to hunt!

Stunning Wildlife on

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Margay cat, very rare, often confused with ocelot. ---this is the only cat whose hind legs rotate 180 degrees, allowing them to run headfirst down trees.

Incredible picture. Polar bears are my favorite animal!

“Natures Best”- Photo Essay

"Incredibly intelligent animals, young polar bears learn quickly through their inquisitive nature. This cub was intrigued by its reflection and was studying it with great interest,” photographer Florian Schulz.

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Before adopting, look at your household budget. Dogs should have a yearly check-up at the veterinarian and get the required vaccines. Don’t forget the daily expense of pet food, medications, toys, and other supplies.

Rare white lion triplets born in Poland

Rare white lion triplets born in Poland

White lioness Azira stands next to her three white cubs born in a private zoo in Borysew, Poland, on Tuesday, Feb.

Ocelot this is the coolest looking cat

What is an ocelot? An ocelot is a small rare big cat. They are found in jungle areas. They are some of the only cats that enjoy going in to .

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Nature Two Dolphins Jumps On The Sea With Beautiful Sunset Background Hd Wallpapers Ocean life HD Wallpaper

So Sweet mom and baby leopard snuggling up together!  I Love Leopards!!!

The markings and facial features of the majestic African Leopard are the inspiration behind the prints of some Johari products.

Beauty in nature.  This is a clouded leopard.  Youtube has some vids on clouded leopards, but don't think they have the newly found ones with teeth of the sabre-toothed tiger kind in the deepest parts of Borneo.

Clouded Leopard~seldom seen in the wild. The clouded leopard is a cat found from the Himalayan foothills through mainland Southeast Asia into China, and has been classified as Vulnerable in 2008 by IUCN