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Fuck all the Clintons ! All Clintons are stinking fucking liars! They are rotten to the core, and ppl want to vote for Hillary the bitch of Benghazi?

Obama showing Americans how he really feel about them! Right back at you. IMPEACH OBAMA.

Obama showing Americans how he really feel about them! Worst mistake in the history of our country IMPEACH OBAMA.good bye worthless p.

Who doesn't know about all her lies and crimes? We can do better than this for the first female president! We deserve better!!

Valentine Imperfect on

Wake up people. Dont vot for her esp not for stupid reasons like oh, shes a woman. The truth doesnt lie. People voted for BO and look what we have - a disgrace and a divided country

One is just fine...the other is not...hmmm...let's see... can't wait until these idiots are out of office

Im not a liberal, im not a conservative. Spending 1000 on a shirt is sickening as spending 500000 on vacations no matter where the funds came from!

History.... Anyone else see a problem with this!?

This many executive orders from one man, seems more like a dictator than a president in my opinion. Presidential Executive Orders--Obama far exceeds any other president