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Crooked Clinton's

One of our greatest president's. President Truman spoke these truths. Something the Clinton's will never do.

Selective Outrage | Jokes of The Conservative Papers

Cryptcl Idiot Savants: Daily News: Liberal Progressive Democrat Election Strategy Revealed, Get MSM to Repeat Lies

So true!

Definition of Natural Born Citizen: Person born of 2 American citizens. Not an American & Kenyan! Helloo people there is a FRAUD sitting in the White House!

amazing up the a__ attitude of these people

When you get a chance add up how much of OUR MONEY the First Lady has spent on personal vacations. She should be ashamed of herself (not the US like she has publicaly stated)

Democrat party, the party that fought to keep slavery and racism alive since before the Civil War. What an oxymoron to hate confederate monuments and stay a voting Democrat.....that makes you a LIBTARD!

Remember when democrats voted for Jim Crowe laws, against civil rights, and were recognized members of the KKK (Senator Byrd)?

http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/05/08/benghazi-whistleblower-i-was-told-not-to-talk-to-members-of-congress-investigating-terror-attack/ Who can protect Hillary from prosecution from the FBI?

It is the most informative testimony so far. Mr Greg Hicks tells what he knows about the attack on the embassy in Benghazi.

Just look at the fuckery that Black NBA players are showing to LaVar Ball's vision because they're too busy stuck in their comfort as slaves to BRANDS!

one of my friends who is black told me something really similar to this. it's so sad, but I've noticed this happening too.