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Marienkäferl (Frauenkäferl)

Ladybird's favorite food is Aphid (greenfly/blackfly) which attack plants. Ladybirds are a beneficial insect and gardners and Horticulturalists encourage them.

3 fois plus de chance!

Ladybugs in the garden - Did you know farmers love them for their appetite? Most ladybugs voraciously consume plant-eating insects, and in doing so they help to protect crops.

Ladybug.  Fun to watch and no biting or stinging.  Best bug ever!

Ladybug with a dew drop dripping off it's back. This beetle is the example of the ladybug with the two white dashes recommended best for the garden.


Louise Arner Boyd taught herself to be an expert botanist with advice from her mentor Alice Eastwood.

Ladybug :)

BIOLOGY: Ladybugs are essential to an organic garden. They eat aphids, and protect plants.

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This colorful ladybug photography is very beautiful and when you put it as a wallpaper on your computer it seems that room you are at is f.