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Julbock, a giant Christmas goat at the Gävle town market, Sweden. The Yule Goat is one of the oldest Scandinavian and Northern European Yule and Christmas symbols and traditions.

Yule Goat before its fiery demise....Ireland

Yule Goat before its fiery demise.

ren nehri

Sami family with reindeer, Lapland.

EXTRA LARGE Paper lantern "Stockholm" SILHOUETTE Originally Hand Drawn Hand - just add candles

ONE STOCKHOLM LANTERN Silhouette Originally Hand Drawn Hand - just add candles

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Travel: Christmas in Sweden

Traditional Finnish Christmas decoration: Yule Goat

Traditional Finnish and Scandinavian Christmas decoration: Yule Bok

Sigtunas historia

Sigtunas historia

Julbok - The giant Christmas goat of straw that is constructed every year in Gävle, Sweden

OMRÖSTNING: Kommer årets julbock i Gävle att få vara ifred eller kommer någon att bränna ner/sabotera honom detta år?? Var med i min omröstning!

The giant Christmas goat of straw that is constructed every year in Gävle, Sweden. And every year (almost) it is known to be burnt down.

Christmas markets all over Germany

Erfurt Christmas market in Germany

10" Julbock/ Christmas Straw Goat (thin) | Hemslojd

Swedish Holiday Figures > Julbock/ Christmas Straw Goat (thin) Every home needs a julbock to stand watch by the Christmas tree and guard it-my kids call this our "yog"

Volgens overleveringen woonde diep in de bergen de trol Grýla en haar man Leppaslúdii die 13 zonen hadden: de IJslandse Kerstmannen. Grýla had ook een kat: de kerstkat (Jólakötturinn). De kat at stoute luie kindjes op. Lui betekent hier geen nieuwe kleren aan hebben met Kerstmis.

Iceland has 13 Santas, known as the "Yule Lads.

Myyttinen Varanger - photo by

Myyttinen Varanger - photo by

Have one by my stove...I am the Swede and the Cook!

"Kiss the Cook, She's Swedish" Decorative Wall Tile Swedish Gift Idea

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Sweden Holidays & Holidays in Sweden 2014 from Sunvil

Nuremberg, Germany Christmas Market

Top 5 Christmas European River Cruises

Through a mouthful of mulled wine and piles of presents, Penny Walker tracks down Germany's unmissable festive markets

Yule Goat - Merry Yule

Yule Goat - Merry Yule