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DescriptionThe world's most beautiful mushrooms (not necessarily the most edible, lol)

Toxic:: 	MUSHROOM   Cortinarius sp. - Japan

pretty to look at, however, listed as toxic cortinarius sp. - from japan

Boletellus obscurecoccineus ©2014 Taylor F. Lockwood

From Tasmania, Australia comes one of the most simply beautiful Boletes with a complicated name: Boletellus obscurecoccineus.

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tylopilus felleus...Looks like a tree with a hugs trunk in a miniature land

Looks like a tree trunk in a miniature land

Hygrocybe ~ Gliophorus viridis. What a cool waxycap! Never seen this one before...I love green mushrooms! :3

they look like pretty green glass but are waxy fungi. Scientific name/s Hygrocybe/Gliophorus viridis/Stevensoniae.

Caloscypha fulgens 4 saves (960×960)

Caloscypha fulgens 4 saves (960×960)

Blue Roundhead - Stropharia cyanea  Photo credit: ©Erminio Ferrari Locality: S. Maria Maggiore, Valle Vigezzo, Piemonte, Italia.

Blue Roundhead - Stropharia cyanea Photo credit: ©Erminio Ferrari Locality: S…

Mushrooms by Christian Hacker https://www.flickr.com/photos/gigiwallace/6171741326/

Mushrooms - Plodda Falls near Cannich, in the Highlands by Christian Hacker

Gertatron Fungi And It's Inky! ...

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