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In Chris Piascik challenged himself to make a drawing a day, and he hasn’t stopped yet. Amassing a significant body of work, Piascik just completed h

C.R.E.A.M. Cats Rule Everything Around Me

New work by Chris Piascik. More Chris Piascik on BLDGWLF.Chris PiascikChris PiascikDon’t Mess with Muhammad AliI’m a Muthafuckin’ UnicornChris Piascik

black & white.

Daddy zebras black with white stripes. White with black stripes. My dad told me this once whilst visiting belle vue zoo. I believed him for years and used to tell people about the zebras !

Duly Needed :: Interns Please!


Zebra balloons at The Land of Nod - Oh My Gosh - these are the cutest balloons!



You are absolutely unique, just like everyone else [via @Christine Clarey Decarolis Giveaway Queen]

Always Remember That You Are Absolutely Unique Just Like Everyone Else- Margaret Mead Quote Art Print by Tang Yau Hoong

Uh huh

"Work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life." Beautiful yet inspiring typography design poster quote.

Nothing you can do about it, sweetie. It's sort of a family trait.

cowgirl quotes- ride it like you stole it a famous Tony line :)

May the horse be with you

~ A Colorful Mind : Photo

"I'm a simple woman, I like handsome, bearded, brunette men and breakfast food."----> And blond men I'm not picky specially if they look like Jensen Ackles and Chris Evans .


Funny pictures about Mayan calendar. Oh, and cool pics about Mayan calendar. Also, Mayan calendar photos.