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Old vintage grungy lock on a door photo

free old grungy lock on door background photo Had a play with grunge effects on an old padlock on a door.

The origins of the astrolabe, like so much other science, can be found in classical Greece.  We know that it was likely that Apollonius studied astrolabe projection at least two hundred years before the birth of Christ. The theory was later expounded upon by Hipparchus, who was born in Nicaea in Asia Minor.  Not a Greek connection?  All of his studies – at around 180 BC – were conducted on the island of Rhodes, where he also helped to develop trigonometry.

A disassembled pocket Astrolabe / Volvelle. The disks were highly valuable and could be upgraded.

This is a working padlock with two keys. This new reproduction antique brass padlock is crafted from heavy iron and brass and comes with 2 keys. An attractive iron lock that is fully functional with an old style locking system, simply swing the brass cover open to access the keyhole. Padlock is provided with two keys.  $5.49 with 2 keys

Antique Iron Padlock with 2 Keys

I think it's trying to speak ......

Antique Iron Padlock with 2 Keys