Ok, not agreeing with the text, but it reminds me that when I saw this bit in the trailer for the first time it instantly turned me off to the movie and I thought Disney was dumping out another bad egg, but when I actually SAW the movie, it renewed my faith that Disney can still make great films( and yeah, that part was kinda hot after all.)

It's as humanly possible as any other awesome action movie LOL ; He is my favorite prince!

smolder flynn funny perfume YES! I love this movie so much

rebelsong: “ youweremynewdream: “ lololol ” I keep trying to imagine what Eugene! smells like. Probably “really bad man smell” with a bit more “green” and less “brown.” So I imagine Smolder adds.

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What its like having sex on my dorm bed<--------LOL PREVIOUS PINNER'S COMMENT. I JUST DIED.

What it's like having sex on my dorm bed

well now i know how to say "My acorn is missing. Did you eat my acorn? You owe me a new acorn." in squirrel ;

Words of Wisdom from different Disney characters

16 Shockingly Profound Disney Movie Quotes

What Kind of Girls Do U Like? Disney Princes hehe.....

Tell us what kind of girls you REALLY want! Tarzan (I like girls who are the same species as me) and Kuzco.

"All at once everything looks different, now that I see you" - Tangled #Disney #lovequotes

20 of the Best Disney Love Quotes

Day 3 of Disney Princess Challenge: my Favorite prince Is Eugene Fitzherbert or some call him Flynn Rider. He is adorable, funny, amazing, and just so WONDERFUL! Definitely the hottest prince too!

Disney Up.. I wonder if this is how my dog thought about me when we first met, lol ♥

I hid under your porch because I love you. I love this movie

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Things from my favorite childhood movie that I now understand perfectly bahahha

"Though we adore men individually, We agree that as a group they're rather stupid" haha love Mary Poppins! So true!