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Barney Stinson's one rule

Funny pictures about The one rule. Oh, and cool pics about The one rule. Also, The one rule.

Ted and the mother aka Tracy McConnell #HIMYM

How I Met Your Mother Finally Ends – But Was it a Satisfying Ending?

The most legen—wait for it—dary event in TV history airs tonight with the hour-long finale of How I Met You…

Lily: Pergunte a ela algo ... Barney: Como você está se sentindo hoje? .... Robin: Bem: Lily: Algo Pessoal ... Barney: Com que idade você teve a sua primeira menstruação?

How I met your mother - Barney asking Robin something personal.

hey i just met you and th i love you - Ted Mosby

That awkward moment when Ted Mosby says he loves you when he just met you.I love how I met your mother

How I Met Your Mother

Ted's so happy cuz he finally got the joke, look at his face full oc joy♡

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How I met your mother : Barney & Robin, such a great couple!

Marshall :)  how i met your mother #himym

I love how he covers the babies ears, like that's going to help.

Barney Stinson's Infographic by isapena7.deviantart.com

Barney Stinson's Infographic One of the funniest characters of the TV Serie "How I Met Your Mother" is Barney Stinson and here is his story Barney Stinson's Infographic