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It makes more sense if the King of Arendelle and the Queen of Corona are brother and sister. They look more like siblings than the Queen of Arendelle and Corona.

Rapunzel and Flynn

Rapunzel and Eugene Fanart

Rapunzel Eugene by viria13

Rapunzel and Eugene (Flynn) - Tangled

So cute! This is in a book about Rapunzel, talking about all they diddle ing the day while they were waiting for the night to see the lanterns.

The Art of Tangled Flynn - unknown artist

And here you have the difference between a real mother and a fake one.

I love how this displays a true loving mother, comparing the queen and Mother Gothel.

When the wolves are silent and the moon howls

Tadashi and Hiro, mirror of Erised

Tangled 11 by on @DeviantArt I wish her hair could grow back:(

^_^ You're mine :D Sleep tight beautiful ^_^ Sweet nights sweetheart:*

Disney Princess Watercolors by selena

Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Aurora and Snow White, Disney Princess Watercolors by Jenny Chung

Disney animals and their human form (By Alaina Bastian) HUMANIZED DISNEY YESSS:

Disney animals and their human form (By Alaina Bastian)

Although I pictured Simba and Nala as maybe creole or albino, but its really accurate in my opinion. Disney animals and their human form (By Alaina Bastian)

The Delayed Trip Fanart by *palnk - Flynn Rider and Rapunzel - Tangled

dedicated for who drew Lily and James for me and made me the happiest person ever. SO here are Rapunzel and Flynn for ahh and sorry,t. Tangled-Rapunzel and Eugene

Tell me I'm not the only one to have found this? Surely not... Come on, don't let me down!

Top 30 Best Frozen Quotes and Pics

Also, would like to point out that frozen itself is not a fandom. Frozen is one of the many movies in the Disney franchise, and the fandom itself is the Disney fandom. Not the frozen fandom.

Gender-Bending Disney Characters. I find this a lot more funny than anything else. They are so ugly as girls.

Gender-Bending Disney Characters is the best use of disney characters.

Jarida - Cinderella AU I don't ship it but this is just so cute

Jarida - I like this more then Jelsa! To be honest, I hated the idea of Jack + Elsa. I now officially ship Jarida.


Frozen Songs - Genderbend by I really love genderbent Frozen for some reason

Rapunzel from Tangled fan art, aww<<< *cough* FEELS