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What's better than a bicycle with a basket? A bicycle with a basket that contains beautiful flowers!

La bicicleta es un elemento decorativo muy romántico y vintage.

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Stevie Wonder 1979 - Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants (Volume I)

All the songs on her playlist were perfect.  And she was a girl with romance and gumption, so she decided to turn one into a scene in her real life.  Damn right!

seems like my life is also missing a red picnic basket and a vintage bike, lol .

La Bicicleta de Harina - Explored :-) by Rocío (roxmh), via Flickr

I love fresh bread. When I saw this picture< I went downstairs and had some french bread!

[tps_header]I love riding a bike! Take bikes for your walk with your beloved, put a bike with signs where to go, use it as a cake stand or hang bike .



You can get a great workout by taking a bike ride at dusk...

Love a bike ride on the Beach! Especially when its one of our beautiful Beaches!

White bicycle with flowers

Remember that old bicycle of yours? with some spray paint, old basket and fresh flowers, this can turn into your greatest addition as a wedding decor.