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Pattern-Drafting for Fashion (Nidottu, pehmeäkantinen)

Each title in the Pattern-drafting for Fashion series is a practical guide to advanced pattern-making for fashion students and serious home dressmakers.

Leena's site has a number of detailed pattern-drafting how-to's. I'm gonna try drafting pants one of these days, commercial patterns just don't cut it!

Making a pants sloper: thinning the pant leg down, example.- going from full cut pant leg to leggings

Great tutorial on how to draft a sleeve.

Oh boy are sleeves tricky. Very, very tricky things indeed. In my opinion, a sleeve’s difficulty lies in the fact that a flat piece of fabric is being made to fit a rounded object – t…

Understanding Sewing Machine Stitches | Crazy Little Projects | Bloglovin'

Understanding Sewing Machine Stitches

Understanding Sewing Machine Stitches - Crazy Little Projects Ever wonder just what the heck all those different stitches were for on your sewing machine? Very helpful guide for every single one!

Drafting Better.  Full series on pattern drafting basic slopers for bodice, sleeves, necklines, facings, darts, princess seams etc.  And how to use your basic slopers with commerical patterns.  MUST see series.

(By ikatbag!) A series of posts to drafting your own patterns. Plus a link to a post on how to estimate yardage for your own patterns.

Making a smaller pattern into a larger size

Vintage patterns to small or too big? this lovely seamstress shows ya how to grade yr patterns.

How to take a basic bodice sewing pattern and tweak it for a different design.

How to Tweak Sewing Patterns

By far one of the most important of our beauty assets is our smile. Who can resist an enigmatic sparkling white smile?

hand sewing stitches | Good reminder - and decoration to frame for craft room wall. -- Create this as a piece of embroidery and frame for library wall. Take small pieces of fabric and recreate each instruction set. Put on painted canvas, even!

hand sewing stitches

Sewing easy sewing stitches is the best way for beginners to get started. There are often times when machine sewn projects also need some hand sewing done. Once mastered each sewing stitch can add …

Fibers and fabrics info graphic. Sewing, DIY

This is a simple collection about some of the more common fabrics. Infographic - Fabric and Fiber Types

33 Essential Sewing Terms and Phrases

When you learn to sew, you will also learn lots of new sewing vocabulary. This sewing glossary will help you understand the essential sewing terms.

Pattern Fitting Tips | Fit Your Shoulders | Adjust Shoulder Fit | Fix Shoulder on Sewing Pattern |

Pattern Fitting Tips—Fit Your Shoulders

Pattern Fitting Tips | Fit Your Shoulders | Adjust Shoulder Fit | Fix Shoulder on Sewing Pattern |