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"run with the hunted" by Zsolt Szasz, via Behance

Foldable bikes: then we can bike as soon as we dock and since we aren't always sure where and when it's easier than renting wherever you go. If you have room to tuck them onboard, or even tie and cover them on the deck, you arrive, lock them to the dock and are good to go. Plus, we even use them sometimes at home or for guests. Lots of styles and brands out there, but looking into a foldable bike can be great for boaters

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img97.xooimage.com files e d e a-img_0510-4163cbe.jpg

Fixies & Single Speed Bike Gallery - Bike Photo Gallery - Big Shot Bikes

Take a look at Big Shot Bikes photo gallery contains single speed fixies, fixied gear bikes and cruiser bikes

The essential folding bike.

New 2016 Montague Urban Folding Pavement Hybrid Bike Smoke Silver


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FWD MBB Recumbent | My Recumbent Resources

FWD MBB Recumbent

FWD MBB Recumbent | My Recumbent Resources


Bentley Barnato Roadster

Dutch design: Vanhulsteijn bikes, with a special frame that makes it easier to carry them over your shoulder.

Road Men | Roetz-Bikes

Road Men | Roetz-Bikes

Individuelle Singlespeeds und Fixies. Bikes aus Düsseldorf

My Own Bike - German company who will create your own singlespeed