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Solid Ho clock by Paula Collective exhibits the time in an unorthodox manner, by replacing the standard numerals with geometric shapes. The twelve shapes gradually transform and evolve from a tetrahedron to a dodecahedron stellata.

So making this!

This is an ingenious idea for a wall clock. Personalize the borders with your favorite postcards, pictures from the place you might have been or traveled to. It’s a neat idea for a DIY project.

Linear #Cycle stop #motion #clock bcxsy

Horloge Linear Circle by BCXSY

Linear Cycle clock by BCXSY (Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto). This clock tells the time in a straight line by replacing the hands with a pivoting shell-like structure.

Estos relojes están hechos de manera sostenible de pared producido madera contrachapada de Pino Radiata con el diseño de impresión digital

Objectify Wall Clock With Numerals - Medium Size by ObjectifyHomeware on Etsy

Orbits clock

The Orbits Clock is a uniquely designed clock that contains 3 rotating circles all contained within each other, with the largest circle on the outside representing the hour hand, inside that circle is.

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Kork Uhr diy

How to Turn Cork Trivets into Color Block Clocks.no lie, I want to do this! I've always wanted a wall of clocks for different time zones!