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Live Long and Pawspurr (Prosper) Star Trek -- Cat as Spock (yes, it is not exact.he's a cat)

Love it! ...Cat Owners Will Understand. Bahahahaha Check more at http://hrenoten.com

Cat Expressions Body Language

I love cats.Pet Humor and Quotes, Cat Humor, Cat Quotes, Cat Funny, Cat Joke.

No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat

What Beautiful Eyes - 19th July 2014

Looks just like one of my prior kitty-Spooky, still miss him years latter.

you want me to do what?

Funny pictures about You have no fur. Oh, and cool pics about You have no fur. Also, You have no fur.

The kneading comment made me think of Griffin :/

"How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you" from TheOatmeal.I knew she was up to no good.

Grumpy Cat Is Person of the Year #Time

Grumpy Cat is not impressed by the TIME magazine shoot - No way. A CAT made it to TIME magazine? Can I have a TIME photo shoot too?

FOUR http://cheezburger.com/9095149824

The Catnip Times with Cecilia Rose DeVasier and Polly Dee MacBride Muise.

"Cats are like music, it's foolish to try to explain their worth to those who don't appreciate them."

Animal abuse essays yahoo Animal Abuse Essay: By Daniel Gonzalez-Tucker How would you feel if you were thrown in a cage just for an experiment?

yes, we can become anything we want to be!...

They told me I could be anything. So I became a crocodile. This made me giggle so hard I accidentally woke up my hubby lying beside me:( Bwahahaha! This is definitely random!

I love you, radiator.if you can't have a radiator cover, maybe this is the next best thing?

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Whatcha doin'?

Panda Cat

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