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When english won't work, try translating it into their native language. whim: uas. martin itit" strait) Dat English When english won't work try translating it into their native language whim: uas str: q martin itit" strait)

Omg!!! I wish my mom would say that!!!!

Hey mom I got detention:( What? What happened and you're grounded. Well when the teacher was standing in front of the chalk board she asked all idiots to stand up. I stood up and said to her 'well I didn't want you to feel lonely.

What is your favorite game? Mine is following u home from school

Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED<< doing this next chance I get to my BFF

i wish I woulda thought of something like this in middle school haha

Funny Text Message- MaxSo today my teacher pointed at me with a rulerSo?He said, 'There's and idiot at the end of this ruler'Awww! He called you an idiot? I got detention for asking, 'Which end?

this is me getting the dog and my best friend  responding!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Wait I'll get lunch

This totally makes sense but what about when it's lunch time. Then do you say, "Time for lunch and your dog comes running?

Oh mann, ich geh kaputt

Best Of Auto Correct Fehler 2011

Funniest Auto-Corrects Of literally am crying these are so funny. I am SO glad I don't have many of these autocorrect EPIC FAILS.


Page 164 - Relationships - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED I died halfway through this


funny auto-correct texts - The 16 Funniest Autocorrects From October, Bahahaha if you read this site it's ridiculous . I almost just busted out laughing


Check out to get some laughs from jokes sms, and funny texts messages. Funny text messages between couples, parents and kids


Other - TomHow drunk was IYou know that squirrel outside my house, the one that eats all the seeds from the bird feeder?YeahYou tried throwing it in my pool while screaming 'SANDY CHEEKS, BIKINI BOTTOM NEEDS YOU.

Hairy legs hahaha...story of my winter life

Funny pictures about Should I shave my legs? Oh, and cool pics about Should I shave my legs? Also, Should I shave my legs?