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The Mad Brit's personal web site describing his Willys MB flatfender build up, his vehicles, his Jeeps and off road adventures and driveabouts.

Heavy Armed Combat Jeep - IDEX '99 | by Tobyotter

In the spring of 1999 I was working in the UAE and I help man a both at the 1999 International Defense Exhibit in Abu Dhabi, UAE. When I had a chance I took some photos. I liked this jeep.

My First Thought Was Zombies

My First Thought Was Zombies

Funny pictures about My First Thought Was Zombies. Oh, and cool pics about My First Thought Was Zombies. Also, My First Thought Was Zombies photos.

Unique jeep wrangler  This is the way thay should be

Cargo Racks & Accessories for your Jeep Wrangler

My dream life- JKU pulling a M101 trailer with 2 motorcycles and a roof top tent

Adventure bikes on an adventure trailer pulled by an adventure vehicle? What about kayaks and mountain bikes also? These trailers can be bought next to nothing through surplus and I have friends I could share it with.

JeepWranglerOutpost.com-wheres-your-jeep-going-to-take-you-today -OO- (54) – Jeep Wrangler Outpost

JeepWranglerOutpost.com-wheres-your-jeep-going-to-take-you-today -OO- (54) – Jeep Wrangler Outpost

Jeep Wrangler

Zombie Slayer: Jeep ZS1 Limited Edition

Zombie Slayer by Jeep Wrangler! Let's be serious.is there another jeep more practical for the Zombie Apocalypse? Netting doors, netted back keep dogs in, rail for kids, add reserve gas tank full of water for dogs.

own a convertable - Ok so when I wrote this i was not thinking Jeep convertable but hey I have had three since and one was like the 1942 model so tick, tick!!!

Author Patrick Foster opens Jeep: The History of America's Greatest Vehicle (due out in a few weeks, but you can preorder now!) with a dramatic story, illustrating the impact the vehicle could have in the field.